A New Standard of Excellence
Only At Stanley Institute

Essential Education

As a dentist or dental health professional, is it challenging to find a dental training institute where education is essential?

Stanley Institute is your solution, developed from the expertise of the dynamic duo of Dr. Robert Stanley and Dr. Bobbi Stanley.

There’s a time and a place for straightforward, evidence-based learning — It’s all happening at Stanley Institute.

Meet Our Team

The Core Principles

When you’re signing up for Stanley Institute coursework, there’s more to it than just sitting through another continuing education session. At the heart of what we do is teaching you, having lecturers that have traveled extensively to spend time with some of dentistry’s most brilliant minds.

We don’t believe in wasting time; that’s why we’ve streamlined how dental education is disseminated for a process that’s designed to save you time and money. Open your door every day knowing that you’ve taken steps to reduce risk to your patients and team. Become a model for best practices in dentistry.

A Persistent Passion for Dental Continuing Education

Forming a reputable, reliable dental training institute was something both Dr. Robert and Dr. Bobbi realized they needed to pursue upon the urging of colleagues. Stanley Institute was born out of a deep-rooted dedication to education where dentists and their entire team can listen, learn, and grow.

As a dentist, we know the extent to which you studied and the time you devoted to dental school. We also know that the love of learning we all share doesn’t go away when you suddenly add DDS or DMD to your name. We’re proud to be leaders who stand alongside you in the dental community.

The Added Benefits of Your Enrollment

We know you and your team want to excel in your field, beating out the competition for smile care in your area to expand your ability to build a healthy community. Enrollment in both our Continuum and à la carte coursework is designed to give your office the advantage in increasing your positive esthetic outcomes. Your whole team can benefit from their Stanley Institute education, taking patient satisfaction to a whole new level of dental care. We know you strive each day for clinical excellence, and we do too through hands-on learning, live surgeries, and strategies you can implement immediately.