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8 Hours CE

March 12th, 2022


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“You are a business owner. The service you offer is dentistry. Discover the keys to doing both successfully.”

Nowadays, dentists cannot afford to lose sight of the fact that they are also small business owners. Understanding the tips and tricks small business owners use to become successful is paramount for dentists who hope to start and maintain their own practices. In this course, Dr. Bobbi Stanley will explain proven strategies to help shape dentists into formidable business leaders. Learn everything from how to develop team leaders to how to control cash flow in your office. The content Dr. Bobbi Stanley covers in the Dental Entrepreneur Summit is based on more than 25 years of business ownership experience. She has hundreds of hours of continuing education and has successfully built one of the largest comprehensive dental practices in North Carolina.

Bobbi Stanley


Are you a dentist or office manager who’s interested in taking your practice to the next level? Then this is the course for you. That’s really the only parameter.

We’ve had students who are fresh out of dental school and, using this course, they were able to open and maintain their first practice successfully. We’ve also had students who’ve been in the dental field for years but want to learn new tips and tricks when it comes to things like digital marketing.

No matter where you are in your career as a practice owner, there’s always room for improvement. That’s where we can help.

The primary instructor of this course is Dr. Bobbi Stanley, founder and senior  instructor at Stanley Institute. Dr. Stanley is joined by Dr. Robert Stanley founder and senior instructor at Stanley Institute. To read more about these instructors and our entire Stanley Institute team, please visit our team members page.

This course includes one full day of continuing education content (8 hours of CE total).

If you have team members who handle things like marketing or practice finances, it would benefit them greatly to also attend the course.

Dr. Bobbi Stanley recommends that practice owners bring along their spouses when she covers topics like retirement.

If you’re a dentist and a practice owner (or you’re about to be), the Dental Entrepreneur Summit is perfect for you. Additionally, this course is ideally suited for associate dentists and practitioners working in DSOs. Any general dentists and specialists interested in learning about business principles are welcome at the Dental Entrepreneur Summit.

This course is offered as a lecture/hands-on course. Participants will be provided with lecture materials and guided through hands-on experiments by the instructor. Virtual options are available due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please contact us for more information.

Stanley Institute prides itself on partnering with companies whose products and services align with our own mission and goal: to promote oral and systemic health, and to provide the highest standard of patient care through the patient experience.

Sponsors of this course (in alphabetical order) include: Adam Shay CPA, Alpheon Credit, Biohorizons, DentalStores, Legacy Wealth Strategies, & TRC® Cream.

At Stanley Institute, we know it is not always possible to travel, which is why many courses at Stanley Institute are offered online. This course is offered both as a live-stream (day of) and as a pre-recorded online video course.

Course Curriculum


Decreasing stress while increasing profit

Making a business profitable doesn’t have to mean increasing your stress level. In this course, we’ll cover how you can transform your practice while still making time for yourself and your family.


Developing team leaders

Balancing dentistry and business is no easy feat. To make it a bit easier, you’ll need to select team leaders for your different departments. Having team leaders who can manage their departments efficiently gives you more time to focus on other aspects of practice. In our Dental Entrepreneur Summit, we’ll cover how to go about choosing a team leader and what you should expect from them.


Putting together a quality personnel manual

What should and shouldn’t be left out of a personnel manual? Discover what’s important and what’s not when drafting guidelines for your employees.


Increasing profits in your hygiene department

The hygiene department is a staple in most general dental offices. Find out how you can maximize every appointment to benefit your practice to the greatest extent.


Teaching your team telephone etiquette to get calling patients on the schedule

Having a team that’s mastered new patient phone calls is one of the best ways to ensure your practice is growing. We’ll go over the correct ways to answer new patient questions related to insurance, price-shopping, and more.


Planning for retirement now

Like they say, it’s never too early to start thinking about retirement. Learn how to set the groundwork for your retirement now so you can enjoy it later.


Hiring a top-notch team

Hiring the perfect team member for your office shouldn’t be a treasure hunt. In the course, Dr. Bobbi Stanley talks about how you can use the team members you already have to hire new, like-minded employees.


Incentivizing your team

As a small business owner, you don’t want excessive turnover when it comes to your employees. We’ll go over some of the best ways to incentivize your team so they’ll look forward to coming into your office every day.


Increasing your new patient numbers

How does a dental practice grow? New patients. In her course, Dr. Bobbi Stanley covers a myriad of different ways to help increase your new patient numbers without breaking the bank.


Controlling cash flow in your dental practice

You don’t need to be an accountant to understand the basics behind smart cash flow practices. Learn how to revamp your cash flow so it works for you and your practice.


Make Google your best friend by focusing on SEO marketing strategies. The more Google likes your practice, the more new patients you’ll see.

Course Agenda

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8am - 12pm

Morning Session

12pm - 1pm


1pm - 5pm

Afternoon Session

Course Tuition


Single dentist package

  • 8 Hours of CE
  • Course Literature
  • Hands-On Training & Materials


Bring a Team member

  • 8 Hours of CE
  • Course Literature for each participant
  • Training materials for each participant


This course is, unfortunately, completely sold out. Please look through our other available courses and join us as we provide you with the tools you need to succeed!

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