Implant Master Track: Full-Mouth Immediate Implant Reconstruction
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The need is greater than ever.

With 25 million edentulous patients, the need for full mouth immediate dental implant reconstruction is greater than ever.

In this course, Dr. Robert Stanley takes a thorough approach to fully guided full arch and full mouth immediate dental implant and restoration placement. By combining engineering-based surgery and evidence-based restorative practices with innovative laboratory protocols and concise digital workflow, Dr. Stanley offers a unique solution that will help you achieve predictable results. Learn step-by-step processes and workflow for implementing All-on-X type solutions into your practice with the Full Mouth Immediate Implant Reconstruction course at Stanley Institute.


The primary instructor of this course is Dr. Robert Stanley, founder and senior  instructor at Stanley Institute. Dr. Stanley is joined by Dr. Bobbi Stanley, founder and senior instructor at Stanley Institute and Gayle Banic, certified dental assistant. To read more about these instructors and our entire Stanley Institute team, please visit our team members page.

Learn essential markers for patient selection including identifying risk factors and terminal dentition, as well as potential opportunities beyond typical patient selection.

Our full-mouth restoration course is not part of the implant continuum but we’ve found that many doctors (who finish the continuum and are interested in taking their knowledge of implants into full mouth placement and restoration) benefit greatly from the full-mouth course.

Each clinician’s skill level is unique to them. Some doctors come to Stanley Institute already placing many implants, while others attend the course to learn the fundamentals of single-unit implant placement. We advise all doctors and team members to use caution when implementing new procedures and techniques into their practice. We recommend continued attendance in learning programs, hands-on training, and clinical observations and participation in order to further your dental implant education.

This course includes two full days of continuing education content (16 hours of CE total).

At Stanley Institute, we know it is not always possible to travel, which is why many courses at Stanley Institute are offered online. This course is currently offered as a day of live-stream.

If you have already integrated dental implant placement and restoration into your practice and are ready to take it to the next level, this is the course for you. This course will teach how to integrate full arch solutions into your practice with high predictability and low risk. Although we welcome students with varying levels of prior knowledge, this course is ideally suited for the practitioner already comfortable with single unit implant placement and restorations.

Course Curriculum


Implications of All-on-X (Custom Prosthetic vs Conversion Denture Protocol)

Discuss key differences between stackable solution technology and conversion denture protocols, and the implications of each for your clinical practice.


Patient Selection for Full Arch Immediate Implant Reconstruction

Learn essential markers for patient selection including identifying risk factors and terminal dentition, as well as potential opportunities beyond typical patient selection.


Virtual/Digital Treatment Planning

Walk step-by-step through treatment planning differences between single unit and full arch cases, identifying opportunities for risk reduction in the planning stages of full arch procedures.


Digitally Planned Fully Guided Surgical, Restorative and Laboratory protocol

Learn the life cycle of the full arch immediate implant reconstruction process, from the moment the patient walks in the door to the delivery of their final restoration and maintenance protocols.


Proper Surgical Instrumentation Selection

Explore instrumentation and tools best suited for minimizing risk and increasing efficiencies in full arch procedures.


Pharmacology and Opioid Prescribing

Break down various opioids and their role in pain management for full arch restoration patients; discuss the pharmacology of all-on-x surgery and post-operative pain management strategies.


Full Mouth Complications

Consider full arch implant complications and learn chair-side mitigation techniques for various situations that may arise for the implant doctor in surgery and restoration.

Course Tuition


Single Dentist Package

  • 16 Hours of CE
  • Course Literature


The Align Technology state-of-the-art facility in Morrisville, North Carolina hosts all three courses in the Stanley Institute Dental Implant Continuum, Dental Entrepreneur Summit and the Full Mouth Immediate Implant Reconstruction course. You’ll be able to complete hands-on training with industry standard scanning technology and learn from the top implant instructors in the country all in one weekend.