Posterior Implants Into
Healed Sites

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This course is designed to increase your clinical understanding of surgical techniques in fully guided posterior delayed implants. In this video series, Dr. Robert Stanley, Smile Engineer®, details precise surgical protocols for placing dental implants into healed sites. This short course includes 5 surgical examples, each containing useful tips and best practices for excellent clinical outcomes that can be replicated in your practice. Each lesson also contains a short quiz to test your knowledge of the case and to reinforce your understanding of the material.

Course Key Objectives:

  • Fully Guided Surgical Processes
  • Apical Gingival Displacement Technique
  • Tissue Punch Technique
  • Gap Grafting Tools, Tips & Best practices

State of the Art Tech Space

The new Stanley Institute Technology Center is a state-of-the-art facility in Cary, North Carolina that hosts many Stanley Institute courses. In Studio One, the premier learning space for the Institute, students and professionals can access cutting-edge technology and innovative resources, and can participate in hands-on workshops. We look forward to hosting you in our space soon!