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The first few days of November were busy at Stanley Institute as Dr. Robert Stanley and Dr. Bobbi Stanley hosted dentists and their auxiliaries from around the United States at their courses, Full Mouth Immediate Implant Reconstruction – Fully Guided and the accompanying Developing a Dental Implant Coordinator-Exclusively for Dental Auxiliaries

On Friday, November 3, Dr. Robert Stanley’s opening lecture for dentists centered around initial consultation and treatment planning for full mouth candidates. Dr. Stanley, the Smile Engineer, exclusively performs fully guided surgeries and stressed the importance of CBCT in patient commitment, case planning and ultimately case acceptance, as well as predictable outcomes.  Dr. Bobbi Stanley joined the conversation with guidance on financing options and insurance coding. “Dentists really have two full time jobs– business owner and practicing dentist. To continue practicing dentistry, they must be successful business owners. After almost 25 years in practice, we’ve learned what to implement and what to avoid. We’re passionate about sharing our love of dentistry and business with colleagues,” said Dr. Bobbi Stanley.

Both Drs. Stanley are proponents of educating the doctor and team for complete mastery. Additionally, a fully trained staff promotes synergy between dentist and implant coordinator.  To that end, Dr. Bobbi Stanley led the Auxiliary course with Certified Dental Assistant, Gayle Banic. Lectures included best practices for digital technology for placing implants and digital workflow using CBCT. There were hands-on demonstrations on how to take digital impressions with CEREC and Trios Digital Scan. The group reviewed standard implant packaging and optimal surgical set-ups.  “Stanley Institute is about simplifying the process of placing dental implants. We practice, and teach, fully guided dental implant placement because it is reliable and predictable. We are also very focused on practical tips such as how to unpack the implant kit and set up the surgical tools for better work flow,” said Dental Assistant Gayle Banic.

On Friday evening, the group enjoyed dinner at a local restaurant for a time of professional collaboration and camaraderie.

On Day 2, dentists in attendance watched as Dr. Robert Stanley detailed the importance of instrumentation in fully guided fully mouth procedures. Relying on his extensive background in engineering, he also shared tips and tricks with attendees on extraction and bone reduction techniques. After walking through the process of fully guided implant placement, the dentists were able to engage hands-on, using cases provided by NDX n-Sequence. The kits simulated placing implants on a patient, with full mouth models available to each practitioner. This allowed for the doctors to ask important questions, and for Dr. Robert Stanley to continue to offer guidance, tips, and share his extensive knowledge of full mouth immediate implant reconstruction.

In the afternoon session on Day 2, Dr. Bobbi Stanley discussed the importance of appropriate continuing care for Full Mouth Implants and how providing comprehensive dental services is truly a focus on patient well-being.  Biohorizons Director of Full Arch Solutions, Marcus Hines, presented doctors with information on effectively marketing full arch solutions.

Day 3 kicked off with Certified Nurse Anesthetist Zeb Thomeczek presenting about the role of anesthesia and the anesthesia professional in the general dental practice. His lecture included a discussion of the importance of preoperative medical clearance and PRF Spin Protocols. He ended with a hands-on IV blood draw experiment. Dr. Bobbi Stanley reviewed post-operative pain management protocols with an apt dialogue regarding the growing opioid abuse epidemic and responsible narcotics prescribing.

Industry leaders Biohorizons, i-Cat, Benco, nSequence and Salvin, sponsored the three-day course. Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley rely on the equipment, implants, and supplies from these companies for successful dental implant placement at their Cary NC comprehensive, family dental practice Stanley Dentistry