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What if you could do dental continuing education and dental training differently? Experience streamlined learning that’s hands-on for results to enhance your entire team’s dental knowledge and your unique patient experience.

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Signing up for your Continuum is more beneficial to you and your team than ever before. This is continuing dental education made easy to help you reduce unnecessary risks for patients. It’s a dental training win-win.

Implant PRO Track PACKAGE

44 Hours CE

Online Essentials Session One

In-Person Combined Essentials Session 2 & 3: February 8 - February 10, 2024

Plan, Place, and Pros – ALL of the Keys to Success

Combine all three Essential plans for the ultimate educational package.

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Implant Master Track PACKAGE

24 Hours CE

In-Person 3 Day Course: Nov. 7-9, 2024

What if we told you that over a course of only three days, you’d become extremely versed in fully guided full-arch or full-mouth dental implants or restorations? This is it—your ticket to step-by-step instruction and implementation courtesy of Dr. Robert Stanley.

Continued Dental Mentorship

Completed the Continuum?

For Stanley Institute alums, we offer a personal mentorship program with instructor Dr. Robert Stanley.

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Ways to Attend

  • Live In Person
  • Live Teleconference
  • Video On Demand


Our courses are more than classes. Experience real education from experts in their field who still understand what it’s like to be in your shoes. These courses are available “à la carte” at your convenience for value-added dental continuing education. Financing is available upon request.

Implant Pro Track: Essentials 2 & 3, Place & Pros

24 CE Hours

February 8-10, 2024

Are you focused on learning about more specific surgical techniques related to dental implants, such as extractions or grafting? Then the next Continuum course is for you. Learn about the artistry of esthetics and minimizing risk.

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Britegums® Bootcamp

16 Hours CE

February 16-17, 2024

The future of gum pinkening™ Traditionally, procedures to reduce dark and blotchy gum pigmentation have been intrusive, temporary, and painful for the patient. Additionally, gum pigmentation treatments of the past involved complex and painful instrumentation to remove significant levels of melanocytes, penetrating to levels of collagen. Routinely, patients opted to live with their dark and …

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Anterior Immediate Implants

1 CE Hour


Have you been interested in learning about fully guided anterior immediate implants, but there’s nothing out there that looks interesting? Using a short course with five surgical examples, Dr. Robert Stanley shows you clearly, step-by-step, an insider’s look into esthetically placing dental implants.

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Posterior Implants Into Healed Sites

1 CE Hour


Imagine a virtual course where you could comfortably and conveniently increase your clinical understanding in fully guided posterior delayed implants. Spend an hour with Dr. Robert Stanley (Smile Engineer™) and be amazed.

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Tax Strategies for Dentists

1 CE Hour


Small business owners, including dentists, lose thousands of dollars each year by not being strategic with tax planning. As practice owners, we are often focused on collections and day to day production without looking at overhead or tax savings. It is important to work the offense (collections) but it is equally important to work the …

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North Carolina Dental Opioid Prescribing Course

1 CE Hour


Opioids are a serious subject in every medical field, including dentistry. This one-hour course with Dr. Bobbi Stanley satisfies the North Carolina Dental Board Opioid Prescriber requirement and is designed to help you better understand opioids and their risks.

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Why Stanley

Dentists and their team members like you have been turning to Stanley Institute for reliable resources and exceptional education in Triangle Park.

Founded by Dr. Robert Stanley (aka the Smile Engineer™) alongside his wife, Dr. Bobbi Stanley, we created a place where you’re in the driver’s seat down the fast track to growing your career.

You can only benefit from dental continuing education if you’re genuinely passionate about or invested in what you’re learning. We know your principles of practicing dentistry rely on staying up to date with the latest that our field has to offer, from advanced treatments to practice management.


When dentists and their team complete the Continuum or our à la carte dental continuing education courses, there’s a sense of true accomplishment and confidence that we love to hear you share. What will your biggest benefit be?

Earn ICOI Fellowship

Stanley Institute is a proud partner of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists (ICOI). The renowned executives at ICOI approved our Continuum coursework in 2016. If a student is a current ICOI member and completes the program, they become eligible for ICOI Fellowship. It’s an elite status you deserve.

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