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Stanley Dentistry Implant Course

On Friday and Saturday, August 11-12, Drs. Robert and Bobbi Stanley hosted the Integrating Implants course at their Cary NC facility. Dr. Robert Stanley—the Smile Engineer—was pleased with the weekend of dental continuing education. He stated, “We have delivered this course many times and it keeps getting better.” At Stanley Institute, continuing education does not end when you leave the classroom. Students feel free to contact our instructors directly with specific questions about cases they encounter. “It’s such an honor to be able to partner with students when they return to their practice. I greatly value their commentary and use it to tailor my courses for an optimal experience,” continued Dr. Stanley.

Dr. Robert Stanley is a PhD engineer and integrates his engineering background for a straightforward approach to placing implants with predictable results. In addition to Dr. Stanley’s lectures on implant design and treatment planning, Zeb Thomeczek lectures on pharmacology in the dental setting and Gayle Banic discusses digital work flow from an Auxiliary perpective to round out the first day.  

Dr. Stanley noted that an intimate class size is one of the many things that sets Stanley Institute apart from other dental continuing education. “When you go to a large dental conference, the lecturers are often not available to speak to students one-on-one. As a lifelong learner, I find this is a shortcoming of large scale continuing education. No two cases are identical and it’s nice to be able to site specifics with the instructor.” said Dr. Robert Stanley. In offline conversations, he notes, “It’s not a one-way street. Everyone benefits from these types of dialogues. The courses become more value rich based on student feedback and the attendees are able to be mentored on actual patients scenarios.”

In addition to the smaller class sizes, and vigorous course structure, students are invited to Drs. Stanley’s home for a cocktail reception and later the group dines together at a local restaurant.  The informal setting evokes a family feel for participants and allows students to interact casually with instructors and other attendees. Dr. Melissa Morrison of Oak Park Dental in Madison Wisconsin said, “As a young dentist I was excited to be a guest in the presenter’s home. Drs. Stanley’s hospitality made everyone feel relaxed. Being able to network with other doctors that were further along in their dental career was invaluable and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know everyone outside the classroom.”

Day 2 includes two live surgeries and four hands on exercises. We’re fortunate to have great support from Biohorizons. They afford us instrumentation and send a representative to ensure ideal use of the equipment, as well as answer technical questions in real time. During the live surgeries, Dr. Rob and his Implant Coordinator are narrating every aspect of the procedure, from technique to tools, including practical best practice tips. 

Dr. Bobbi Stanley speaks to students about the business side of dentistry. “At the end of the day, we are small business owners and our service is dentistry,” said Dr. Bobbi, “Being savvy entrepreneurs is the best way to provide consistent care to our patients through the highest technology, materials and best team members.” Her lecture includes sections on dental financing, marketing, human resources, and case presentation. 

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