PRODUCT REVIEW: Piezocube by Acteon (video)

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The Evolution of Piezo: Engineered for Ease & Efficiency⁠

Dr. Robert Stanley is a dentist and mechanical engineer, professionally known as the Smile Engineer®. Dr. Stanley’s unique background combines principles of mechanical engineering with state-of-the-art implant dentistry, providing world-class aesthetics solutions with maximum patient comfort. His surgical approach relies on measured, proven and reliable principles and products. As a long-time user of piezoelectric technology, Dr. Stanley is intimately familiar with the growth of piezoelectricity and its surgical applications in dentistry. ⁠

In this one hour presentation, Dr. Stanley’s discussion points will include:⁠

•atraumatic extractions in the esthetic zone⁠
•implant retrievals⁠
•lateral sinus grafting⁠
•ridge reductions and bone removal ⁠