Why You Should Give Office Tours

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Let your office work for you

“Hi, Dr. Bobbi Stanley here with Stanley Institute. Let’s talk about an office tour. Do you offer an office tour to your new patients? Why would you do that? Why are they interested in seeing your office?

Well, let’s start here. This is our wall of history. This wall of history talks about the history of the doctors here and how the doctor’s grandfather was a dentist. These are his tools and the degrees that the doctors got here.

And then you can walk through your office and you can show the new patients what you have to offer. ‘This is our sterilization.’ ‘This is our cone-beam x-ray machine, not everyone has one of these.’ ‘This machine over here is for you, if you need a same-day crown, we have it for you.’

But also, you may want to put up some photos of before and afters or the beautiful smiles of your patients so that your patient, who is new to your office, can see that you do make beautiful smiles.

It’s also very important that your new patients know where the bathroom is. Because, one thing we know is when people know where the bathroom is, they start to feel more comfortable, they start to feel more at home. And the purpose of the office tour is to help your new patients feel at home because now they have a new dental home. So, make sure you’re taking your new patients on an office tour.” 

Make your office personal

Your dental office is special because it’s yours. Make sure your patients see that right off the bat. Use blank walls to showcase things like your diplomas, certificates, and even your hobbies.

In our office, we’ve hung some of Dr. Robert Stanley’s photography work. We did this not only because they’re aesthetically pleasing but also because the photos show our patients that we’re more than just doctors — we’re people. Showing a more personal side of yourself in your office will help make your patients more comfortable which, in dentistry, is incredibly important. Uncomfortable patients don’t come back.

Don’t be afraid to brag

No one likes a narcissist but everyone likes a doctor’s office that goes beyond your everyday competency. If you have extra CE certifications, make sure to mention those on your office tour. Set them out where they’re easily visible so new and returning patients can see them. Showcasing new technology or cutting-edge procedures is also a great thing to do on your tour to help your patients feel more at ease. They want to feel that you, as their dental provider, are going above and beyond in terms of education and services. Your tour is an easy and efficient way of getting that point across.

Who should give the tour?

This is a big decision you’ll have to make before implementing your new patient tour. In our office, the front desk greeter gives the tour but if you have a smaller practice, the doctor or a hygienist may want to give the tour. Whoever you decide on, just make sure they have the tour memorized perfectly. Write the lines of the tour down and have them work through it a few times. Once they can do the tour well, in front of an audience, begin offering the tour to all your new patients.