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Empowering experts through education

Empowering experts through education is the foundation of what you can achieve with our dental continuing education or Continuum. Dental professionals and teams complete this series of dental courses, becoming more effective, efficient, and enlightened.

The Continuum Benefits and Advantages

Signing up for the Continuum is simple and opens the door to a new perspective in dental continuing education where a variety of useful benefits and advantages are at your fingertips. You’ll gain not only unique, insightful knowledge but also innovative implantology secrets from some of the industry’s most accomplished professionals.

Did you know that Continuum also fulfills continuing education (CE) standards? So, not only are you gaining invaluable skills to increase your productivity and patient satisfaction, but you are earning and accruing valuable hours towards your yearly CE. There’s no waiting involved to get started helping restore your patient’s dental health and confidence — immediately implement the latest in implantology.


Signing up for your Continuum is more beneficial to you and your team than ever before. This is continuing dental education made easy to help you reduce unnecessary risks for patients. It’s a dental training win-win.

Implant PRO Track PACKAGE

44 Hours CE

Online Essentials Session One

In-Person Combined Essentials Session 2 & 3: August 15-17, 2024

Plan, Place, and Pros – ALL of the Keys to Success

Combine all three Essential plans for the ultimate educational package. All of the courses are included at a discounted price.

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Implant Master Track PACKAGE

24 Hours CE

In-Person 3 Day Course: October 24-26, 2024

Continued Dental Mentorship

Go With The Flow

You’ll notice that the Continuum dental courses have a certain flow or way of weaving together, creating a step-by-step guide to improving your implantology expertise that’s manageable and understandable. We’ve streamlined the way you learn about planning, placing, and restoring dental implants in a way that simply makes sense.

The Continuum was specially designed with this in mind, having you start at Essentials 1 and working your way through to Essentials 3. (Note: Essentials 1 can be taken individually, but not Essentials 2 or Essentials 3.) When you reach the end of the Essentials, you’ll have the opportunity to pair up with our Personal Mentorship Program for additional support.