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The most cost-effective way to transform your single unit implant practice is to take the Implant PRO Track at Stanley Institute.

The implant PRO Track courses are uniquely designed to provide practitioners with a comprehensive introduction to fully guided single unit implant placement, from the planning process to final restoration to equip doctors to place implants in the first day back in their practice. Doctors complete self-paced Essentials 1 online before joining the Stanley Institute team in person at one combined Essentials Sessions 2 & 3 in-person for live lectures and hands-on implant exercises. Essentials 2 & 3 are taught multiple times throughout the year to offer doctors various opportunities to join us in person. Practitioners are then invited to cement their training Essentials Session 4 – Live Surgery for an additional fee.

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YES – signing up for the Full Implant PRO Track allows us to offer a discount of $500 on your coursework. This discount is significant, because by signing up for the entire track you are showing us that you are committed to furthering your education and helping your practice succeed.

If you’re already working on Essentials 1, you would still have to purchase Essentials 2/3 separately.

If for some reason you were able to complete Essentials 1 but unable to continue further, remaining tuition would be refunded.

Essentials Sessions 2/3 do not include a live surgery module. However, in these courses, you will receive hands-on course experiments offer practitioners the opportunity to get comfortable with the technology and the instrumentation. Additionally, Dr. Stanley uses a large library of clinical videos to help illustrate key points in a simple way. Doctors who’ve taken the course in the past return to their offices and are confident enough to place implants the next day without chairside assistance. To sign up for live surgery, please visit Essentials Session 4, where doctors will be given an opportunity to place multiple implants in a live hands-on surgery situation with personal mentorship with Stanley Institute faculty and team members.

Absolutely! Drs. Stanley created the Implant Pro Track with the idea that doctors and team members would learn together. This makes the implementation of implantology in your office a quicker and easier adjustment. Essentials Sessions 2/3 contain team breakouts for implant coordinators, dental hygienists, and treatment plan coordinators who will be handling implant financials and consultations to equip your entire team for implementing implant into your practice.

If you’re interested in incorporating dental implants into your practice (whether you currently place them or you would like to learn), this is the course for you. This course will teach practitioners how to place dental implants with high predictability and low risk. You will learn how to predictably place a dental implant in four minutes. When it comes to dental implants, there’s always more to learn so we welcome students with varying levels of prior knowledge.

Doctors are encouraged to bring a case to review with Dr. Rob. He will be happy to do a quick review with the doctor/class. We welcome doctors to incorporate their own cases into the live-surgical portion of our implant continuum as well. To integrate your personal cases, please contact us.

Yes. Although each clinician’s skill level is unique to them, our doctors leave our courses very confident to place dental implants in their offices. Some doctors come to Stanley Institute already placing many implants, while others attend the course to learn the fundamentals of single unit implant placement. We advise all doctors and team members to use caution when implementing new procedures and techniques into their practice. We recommend continued attendance in learning programs, hands-on training, and clinical observations and participation in order to further your dental implant education.

The implant PRO track includes: access to 20 hours of online, self-paced CE (Essentials Session 1) and 3 full days of continuing education content (24 additional hours of CE in Essentials 2/3).

Additionally, participants are provided with course literature and hands-on training exercises. Breakfast and lunch will also be provided on all in person days, as well as a Thursday/Friday evening social dinner.

This course will take place in Raleigh-Durham, NC. The location of the course will be provided upon registration. Attendees should fly into Raleigh-Durham International Airport.

To learn more about local options for hotels, please give us a call at (919) 415-0061 or view our local hotel recommendation on each continuum page.

Courses at Stanley Institute help you work towards an ICOI fellowship. Upon completion of the Stanley Institute curriculum and Full-Mouth Course, you qualify for fellowship with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists.

Course Curriculum


Understanding Guided vs Non-Guided Implant Surgery

Break down Dr. Stanley’s rationale for guided surgery by understanding the pros and cons of guided vs non-guided techniques.


Biomechanics of Dental Implants

Engage in the fundamentals of the biomechanical aspects of implant design. From material to surface coating, thread design, and more, leave this course feeling equipped to choose the best implant for your practice.


Treatment Planning – The Rules of the Game

You can’t play a game if you don’t understand the rules; learn the tips and tricks of treatment planning, both delayed and immediate single unit implant cases digitally.


Team Training

Dental implants are a team sport. At Stanley Institute, get unique and specific training for the implant coordinators (assistants), financial coordinators (office managers), and hygienists.


Digital Workflow Made Easy

Discover the steps for digital workflow broken down into manageable steps from merging CBCT and scanner images to final surgical guide delivery.


Live Implant Planning For Ideal Aesthetics

Engage in a live implant planning session with Dr. Stanley and his lead surgical assistant to see exactly how he plans implant cases.


Lab Communication Protocol

Learn how to communicate with your lab for maximum effect, while also guiding the restoration process as the restoring doctor.


Dental Implant Complications

Consider implant complications and learn chair-side mitigation techniques for various situations which may arise for the implant doctor.

Course Agenda

Essentials Session 1


Self-Guided Online Session

Essentials Sessions 2/3



8am - 12pm

Morning Class Session

12pm - 1pm


1pm - 5pm

Afternoon Class Session

6pm - 8pm

Thursday/Friday Social Dinners

Course Tuition


Single Dentist Package

  • 44 Hours of CE
  • Course Literature Included
  • Hands-On Training & Materials
  • Live Surgery & Implant Placement
  • In-Person Breakfast, Lunch & Social Dinners


Team Member Package

  • 16 Hours of CE for each participant at Essentials 2/3
  • Course Literature for each participant
  • Hands-On Training & Materials for each participant
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Friday Evening
  • Social Dinner
  • 2nd team member – $795 additional
  • 3+ team members – $495 additional
  • Call to register or email team members


The Align Technology state-of-the-art facility in Morrisville, North Carolina hosts all three courses in the Stanley Institute Dental Implant Continuum. You’ll be able to complete hands-on training with Itero and Invisalign experts and learn from the top implant instructors in the country all in one weekend.