Stanley Institute presents the Four Minute sMILE by Smile Engineer®

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Dr. Robert Stanley has always pursued the process of continuous improvement. Long before the scions of industry popularized the buzz words, Dr. Stanley followed every achievement with, “how can I do it better next time?”

Implant dentistry is no different. As a PhD mechanical engineer, Dr. Rob applies engineering principles to implant dentistry. From thorough 3D imaging to prosthetically driven implants, he is creating beautiful smiles.

Dr. Stanley fosters a culture of never-ending improvement in his Cary NC dental practice and cultivates the intellectual curiosity of his dentists and auxiliaries at Stanley Institute. He applies some basic guidelines to his approach to both placing and teaching dental implants:

  • Begin with a well-designed implant system that embraces the concepts of engineering
  • Practice CT-driven, guided surgery
  • Begin with the end in mind or prosthetically driven implant placement
  • Save the patient and practice money when possible by using stock vs. custom
  • Improve patient care and satisfaction through efficiency

Through his education and years of experience, Dr. Stanley has been a student of his own work by meticulously analyzing the process of implant planning, placement, restoration and healing.

As a result of his careful study of process, instrumentation, hand skills and human anatomy, combined with state-of-the-art dental technology, he has reduced the implant process including extraction and bone grafting to under four minutes.

*We advise all doctors and staff to use caution when implementing new procedures and techniques into their practice with limited knowledge. We recommend continued attendance in learning programs, hands-on training, and clinical observation and participation to reach competence.